Ebarkids Silicone Baby Bathing Essentials

Bathing newborns is a simple and effective skin care method. Warm water baths can not only dissolve sebum and relax the skin, but also expand capillaries, promote the discharge of metabolites in the body, and help maintain the health of the baby's skin.

Healthy babies can take a bath on the second day after birth, every day in summer, and once every two days in winter. If the baby is sick and cannot take a bath, it should be scrubbed with a warm towel.

Moreover, choose suitable Baby Bathing Essentials is very important for newborns, when choosing Baby Bathing Essentials, pay attention to the safe material to avoid harm to the newborn's fragile skin. Ebar Gmbh provide safe Silicone Baby Bathing Essentials that could solve all your concern, our Silicone Baby Bathing Essentials are made in material that is same to pacifier and even safe for food contact.