Ebarkids Silicone Training Cup, Sippy Cup, Open Cup, Beaker

The sippy cup, training cup, or beaker is a modern drinking cup designed for toddlers which prevents or reduces spills. Sippy cups, as opposed to an open cup, have a top which prevents spills, and the child drinks either through a spout or straw. Some sippy cups work by way of surface tension that prevents liquid from being spilled even when the cup is upended, and others have valves. A sippy cup is typically an intermediary between the transition between the bottle or breast to an open cup; however, some recommend skipping the sippy cup and transitioning directly to an open cup. Ebarkids provide you best silicone training cup options, and you can also find 3 in 1 silicone training cup that could realize sippy cup, straw cup and open cup in one piece, enjoy your training cup trip with Ebarkids.